ISF_United: Ian Somerhalder Foundation Supporting Page

If you’re following Ian Somerhalder on Twitter you’ve already noticed that’s impossible not to be inspired by his tweets and by the great work of his ISFoundation.

That’s what happened to us : @FrancisVonWhite and @TreeHugginVamp (twitter names) a few days ago we came up with the idea to create a supporting page called : ISF_United.

Our first goal is to collect all the ISF supporters around the world in one place and to give them voice. We’ve already followed a great number of ISF supporters (Italy, Hungary, Australia, Africa, etc) and we’re waiting for their response. Once we follow one each other we’ll contact everyone asking you to email us at : all of your ideas, projects, advice, petitions. Moreover, we want you to let us know all the facts (bad or good) happening in your city/state /country, concerning animals and the environment. The blog posts will be listed in several categories: Animals, Green-Energy, Projects, Petitions, Environment. (notice that when you send us material, you have to include your sources. We want to always be sure to give proper credit to the original sources.)

The next step we’re going to make is to create a fund raising page where you’ll be able to contribute to the Foundation by buying stuff from our store. So please contact us if you have some ideas, or if you want to get involved by creating the stuff that’s going to be sold 🙂

We have already come across some ideas, like using personal nature/animals photography for desktop wallpapers integrating calendars for example. Keep brainstorming!

Our hope is to create a big supporting chain. Remember that it’s for a good cause: it is #becauseofIan but at the end .. it’s because of us. We live on our planet, we play with our animals. Both of them deserve to be respected, loved and helped. Earth and it’s inhabitants are ill, mostly because of us, and despite the fact that our behavior was the reason of such illness, we’re the only medicine that can cure it. Start to heal our future by healing yourself:. Changing the little private world in which we live ,we can change everything.



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