IAN SOMERHALDER: The man who compelled the world

He’s good looking, he’s smart, he has a golden heart and compelling eyes. How can we resist to such charm and ispiration?! The answer is that we can’t. If you have a heart and a pure soul, it’s impossible not to be compelled by his energy and his will for change.

When I came to know about his Foundation my head exploded in a constant brainstrorming, my heart started to beat and I was filled with serenity and a kind of energy I’ve never felt before. I’m following Ian on Twitter (@iansomerhalder) and his tweets blow my mind. I bet that he has dreams in which he saves the world, or that he has dreams in which he keep inventing new ways for making it a better place.

It’s amazing to see how many people are being inspired by him all around the world. Supporting pages are growing worldwide like mushrooms: U.S.A, France,Germany,Asia, New Zealand, Italy, Argentina, Brasil.. I can’t even remember all of them because they’re really everywhere! I’m one of them too and I hope that I’ll be able to contribute to the Foundation as soon as possible with my @ISF_United.

But the ones that are making the change, the ones that are making the difference are the kids (@ISF_KidsArmy).
As Devon Haas (@DevonHaas) -their lovely representative- says: „ I may be a kid but I still have a voice“. That’s the point! That’s what Ian wants! And I’ll say: That’s the key!
Kids are the future, the generation that needs to be taught to respect the ambient improving their way of living day by day. Everything is possible, but to make our dreams come true, we need to wake up and to start to realize them by first realizing the small things.

„That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind“ that’s what Armstrong said when he stepped on the Moon for the first time. I think I should reuse this statement for what the ISF is doing. We’re showing that when staying together we can really make a change. We have the power that people hadn’t had before: we have the internet. We’re all connected, we’re all one close to each other even if we’re far away geographically.

So Ian, let me say you a few words to conclude this kind of article.
I know that you’re conscious of all the stuff that’s going on. But I don’t know if you’re able to believe it completely. It seems a dream BUT it’s pure reality. We need you, and you need us. We live in sybmiosis. We’re a source of inspiration one for each other. If you’re the voice : we’re his echo. You’ve started a great battle. A modern crusade in which action, peaceful words and positive energy are the ONLY weapons used AND allowed.
So thank you for inspiring us, for giving us the way and the basis to start our peaceful revolution.

Francesca Delbianco (@FrancisVonWhite)

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One Response to IAN SOMERHALDER: The man who compelled the world

  1. Marjorie Remlinger says:

    IS Foundation harnessing the passionate energy of today’s youth!

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