How much water is being wasted?!

I was reading a science/environmental italian magazine: http// and this article got my attention.

But let me say few words before.

What is the better way, in your own opinion, to use water when we’re not using it for our body needs?

If you happen to know about a huge waste  of water, what will your reaction be?

Before I show you the photo of the article and the related information I want to underline and to bold that: I’m NOT against Golf Courses, and I am NOT against the one nominated in the article.  I’m just watching at it from an environmental point of view. I just think that the water consumed for greening the Course grass may (personally-I’ll say must) be used for better causes.


An Oasis in the Nevada Desert

The Cascata Golf Club in the Nevada Desert


“This is the Cascata Golf Club in Boulder City – Nevada Desert.

It uses 5.000-cube metres of water per day to irrigate it’s green course. Water that may be used to satisfy the needs of a city of 12.000 inhabitants.

The water is taken from the biggest artificial lake of the USA: The Lake Mead, alimentated by the Colorado River.

The level of the Lake is decreasing due the climate changes and the water usage.

According to the studies, if there’s not going to be a reducement of it’s  consumption the lake will reach critical water levels in less than 10 years.”


Let me ask you one more question now, to conclude this blog post and let you think about it a bit more:


Do we really need such wastage of water when there are 1,3 milliard people that live without clean drinking water ?!


This is only one of the numerous Golf Courses in the World. Imagine how much water is being wasted every day.. Imagine how much people could satisfy their thirst.. Imagine how many lives may be saved.


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2 Responses to How much water is being wasted?!

  1. Some Guy says:

    What would you want to do instead? Ship water from lake mead to a village in bangladore so that the people who have been living without clean water for the last 1500 years can have a bottle of water from a gasoline filled lake in the middle of Nevada? Not using this resource wont mean that any more people will have clean water…

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