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Listing magazines and searching the internet I came across the description of the Infrastructure and the Sustainability of the London Olympic Games 2012. I really like the Eco concept they’ve estabilished and I think it’s worth to take a look.

Extract from the Infrastructure Extract of the Olympic’s Official Website. (


The Energy Centre

The Energy Centre has a biomass boiler that uses woodchip as fuel to generate heat, and a natural gas powered Combined Cooling, Heat and Power plant (CCHP).

The design of the Energy Centre is sustainable and flexible to allow future technologies to be used within the Centre as they are developed.

We will also be preserving the old: one of the existing mill buildings of historical interest at Kings Yard will be renovated and reused as part of the project.

The innovative methods used in the Energy Centre will have environmental and economic benefits. The biomass technologies will create energy which will reduce carbon emissions (the main greenhouse gas).

The Energy Centre will be available to serve the venues in the Park before the Games.

Another Energy Centre is also being built in the Stratford City development. This which will provide power, heat and cooling for this development.


This was about the main energy source. And here’s the Sustainability extract. (



Planning a sustainable Games from the outset

Sustainability was embedded in the bid for the 2012 Games. We committed to:

  • use venues already existing in the UK where possible;
  • only make permanent structures that will have a long-term use after the Games;
  • build temporary structures for everything else.

We want to use the Games as a catalyst for change, for the regeneration of and improvement of quality of life in East London and encourage more sustainable living across the whole of the UK.

Towards a One Planet 2012

Our approach is based on the WWF/BioRegional concept of ‘One Planet Living®’ – to help us live within the world’s resources, rather than using three planets worth of resources as we currently do in the UK.

The London 2012 Sustainability Plan: Towards a One Planet 2012 highlights how we aim to host the most sustainable Games possible, and the progress we are making.

The Sustainability Plan focuses on five key themes:

1. Climate change:minimising greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring legacy facilities are able to cope with the impacts of climate change.

2. Waste:minimising waste at every stage of the project, ensuring no waste is sent to landfill during Games-time, and encouraging the development of new waste processing infrastructure in East London.

3. Biodiversity:minimising the impact of the Games on wildlife and their habitats in and around Games venues, leaving a legacy of enhanced habitats where we can eg the Olympic Park.

4. Inclusion:Promoting access for all and celebrating the diversity of London and the UK, creating new employment, training and business opportunities.

5. Healthy living: Inspiring people across the country to take up sport and develop active, healthy and sustainable lifestyles.




The Olympic Park will incorporate 45 hectares of wildlife habitat, with a total of 525 bird boxes, and 150 bat boxes. Local waterways and riverbanks are to be enhanced as part of the process.


Here are a couple of photos of the project: (

London Cloud Night View

The structure would provide an observation deck for the Olympic grounds.Inside the Cloud


Extracts from the article about the London Cloud.

(the full article can be viewed here:

‘The Cloud’, will be a 400 foot tall tower with interconnected bubbles that will be able to display data and images on a series of LCD screens set into its bubbles, as well as being a structure for visitors to ascend into the bubble capsules.

Visitors will be able to ascend into the cloud bubbles by lift, ramp or stairs.

Although The Cloud has been planned to stand 400 foot tall, the height will evolve based on the amount of funding the project receives. Funding will be sources from online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google’s own advertising service.

Visitors to The Cloud will be able to ascend the giant structure using various means – construction plans show three different methods of ascention to the top of the tower, including a ramp, stairs or elevators, which use the latest regenerative breaking technologies to ensure that The Tower is environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.

LED screens which will be viewable from across London, will be able to show real-time information and data, fed by Google, and are likely to show:

Weather forecasts

Traffic and transport information


Archive footage

Statistical internet data

Events taking place

Once inside The

Cloud, visitors will be able to move around the 3-dimensional spheres, built using the same material used to construct the Beijing Aquatic Centre, Ethylene Traffluoroethylene (ETFE).No public funding will be required to finance the massive structure, with finance being generated from online sources and collaborative partnerships with major websites.

More informations about The Cloud can be found on the Project Official Website:


This is all.

Hope you’ve found it interesting. 🙂

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