ISF_United Blog Update

Hi Guys,

@TreeHugginVamp (Debbi) here, just dropping a message from @FrancisVonWhite (Francesca)

ISF_UNITED NEWS: Hey guys it’s me @FrancisVonWhite. I just want to inform you that I’m taking a break from the ISF and everything related for personal reasons. @TreeHugginVamp will take care of everything. As you all know there is a ISF United website too. Debbi will probably look for someone to help her with writing articles.

It was really amazing to work with all of you. I’m sure I’m going to miss you dear ISF_Family. I’ll keep you all in my heart.
A special thank you to @iansomerhalder: thank you for inspiring so many people.

Love you all,


I am going to be maintaining the site alone for now and since I am very busy with 2 jobs I will be open to suggestions for content or written stories that can all be emailed to me at

If you submit a story that you wrote for the blog, make sure to include your @Twitter name and or real name so that proper credit can be given to you for your submission. If you are suggesting content, make sure to include where the original story came from so that proper references can be given.


Debbi @TreeHugginVamp

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One Response to ISF_United Blog Update

  1. isfunited says:

    Hey guys, additional news, Pam @iansPAgirl is joining the ISF_United Twitter and blog. Welcome Pam! =))

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