I have been seeing a lot of “Lorax approved” products and ads lately. I find myself scratching my head and wondering, if Mr Lorax were real, would he really approve these products he is advocating? Methinks not so much.

There are approximately 70 sponsors of the film. While I do feel some do have the environment at heart, I think some are just “jumping on the environmental bandwagon” to promote their products.

I seriously doubt that Mr Lorax would approve and/or advertise a gas combustion engine SUV. Don’t you think the Nissan Leaf would be more aptly accepted by Mr Lorax?

Whole Foods market has already been accused of selling “not so whole” foods imported from China.

Disposable diapers?!? Mr Lorax would definitely not approve of those.

Not all the sponsors are questionable, but please look into them and see if you can justify putting $ in their pocket by…

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