Celebrity & Activism

I think it is great that some celebrities are using their fame to try to enlighten their fans about current issues and encouraging them to take action to bring about change.
I wonder though, when the ones that jump on the bandwagon to try to get said celebrities attention, realize that said celebrity is never going to marry them or even meet them, do they take what they’ve learned and continue the fight, or do they quit because they feel rejected by said celebrity?
I have seen many times, people online, acting as if they are educated in a certain subject and tweeting the opinions and knowledge of the person whose attention they seek.
Sometimes they will post something that their ‘celebrity’ or fellow fans disagrees with (due to lack of education on the subject) and when they realize it, they either delete it or back pedal and claim to agree with said celebrity and or fans that pointed out the problem with their post.
I guess I am just seeing a lot of hypocrisy in the environmental/animal rights sect of social media.
Be yourselves people! Fight for what you believe in because it is right, not because you are trying to impress someone else.
Learn about the issues that you are sharing online so that you may have educated conversations with others about the causes and solutions.
People are so shallow.
Hmph :-/
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