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Educate yourselves!!

You’ve all probably heard by now about Marius the giraffe that was ‘murdered’ and dismembered ‘in front of children’ in Copenhagen. Instead of everyone calling for the resignations of the keepers and veterinarians at the Copenhagen Zoo, quit your knee-jerk … Continue reading

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Celebrity & Activism

I think it is great that some celebrities are using their fame to try to enlighten their fans about current issues and encouraging them to take action to bring about change.   I wonder though, when the ones that jump … Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss, I guess

I know someone, not naming names, who doesn’t believe that there is anything wrong with the planet and that the EPA and all the other government entities that help protect the air, water, land, animals, etc, should be shut down. … Continue reading

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Trees Curiousity

Have you ever wondered which is the tallest tree, where is it, what kind of tree is it? Or, have you ever wondered which one is the oldest? well, here are the answers to your green curiousity! (Wikipedia source) Tallest … Continue reading

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London 2012 – Eco Olympics

Source Credits: London 2012 Olympic Games Official Website: Photo Credits : London Cloud (Article Source) : Listing magazines and searching the internet I came across the description of the Infrastructure and the Sustainability of the London Olympic Games 2012. I … Continue reading

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How much water is being wasted?!

I was reading a science/environmental italian magazine: http// and this article got my attention. But let me say few words before. What is the better way, in your own opinion, to use water when we’re not using it for our … Continue reading

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