Green Business Ideas : Ending the subsidy on fossil fuel

The Earth Patriot

A couple of days ago, I was giving a presentation as how through my firm I can provide Solar Photo Voltaic system to all Commercial and Infrastructure projects which require large amount of energy to operate.  And that too in an OPEX format, by that I mean I have investor backing who would want to become RESCO. Presently it is  on roof-top model. So Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Commercial Complexes and Airports, Rail-stations etc, which have large roof-top can have power. It would obviously lower Diesel consumption, which is generally used for back-up.

The idea as I have mentioned in my earlier article Green Business Ideas – Applying Solar OPEX model on Green Buildings will make Grid parity easy. is becoming popular but when we want to scale, its facing the biggest road block of subsidised tariff on fossil fuel. Even when my concept of Solar OPEX is ready to…

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The Earth Patriot

The statement from Paul Simpson, CDP’s Chief Executive Officer reads;

….. as we approach the Rio+20Earth Summit, which will focus heavily on how to account for the way businesses use the planet’s natural capital. Investors and corporations are becoming increasingly aware of the extent to which their value chains are influenced by natural resource constraints which lead to increasing price volatility and risk of business interruption. CDP has pioneered a global disclosure system that helps businesses understand and value the current and future impacts from a changing climate and natural resource scarcity, as the world seeks to move towards a sustainable economy.

Forests provide essential ecosystem services that underpin our well being and economic prosperity and their destruction contributes around 15% of global carbon emissions. The issues of energy, climate change, water and forests should not be considered in isolation as all are inextricably…

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Update on Shutting Down

While the blog will still remain relatively quiet, iansPAgirl, formerly @isf_pets is rejoining me on the @isf_united twitter account.
She will be shutting down @isf_pets as of 6/30/12 and is asking that all her followers come to the @isf_united account to keep in touch.

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FYI guys, while we are still not currently using the blog, it will remain open in case we need it.

Also, @ISF_Pets aka iansPAgirl has merged her account into @ISF_United Twitter.
She is urging everyone to follow at , @ISF_United she will  be disabling @ISF_Pets as of 6/30/12.



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Shuttin Down

Hi guys, its @TreeHugginVamp here with a message for you all. 

Thank you for following this blog and checking here every day to see if there are new posts. 

We (@francisvonwhite and I) started this blog to educate you, the ISF fans to help you support the Foundation and its mission. 

Unfortunately, it seems to have fallen by the wayside as @francisvonwhite now has a job that takes a lot of her time and I have been busy trying to get a new business off the ground. I tried to bring in @ISF_Pets to help out, but she owns her own business and is always extremely busy.

So I have 2 other blogs that you can follow, My green energy one that is related to the business I am trying to start; or my personal one, which deals with the environment, depression, family, and of course my personal rants on

It has been a pleasure being a part of the ISF family and I hope to still be considered a part of it. I am keeping the Twitter @ISF_United open until I hear from ISF directly on wether I can continue as a one person supporting group. If not, I will be changing the name and logo, but will continue to post the same information.

Again, Thank you all for your suppport. Hope to see you on my other blogs 🙂


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Ignorance is bliss, I guess

I know someone, not naming names, who doesn’t believe that there is anything wrong with the planet and that the EPA and all the other government entities that help protect the air, water, land, animals, etc, should be shut down.

This person doesn’t recycle anything, doesn’t care about conservation in any way and is so closed minded that you cannot even have a conversation about it without having everything you say shot down as bull$#!+.

I might add that this person is very intelligent, BUT thinks fox news is fact and anything else is just loony environmentalists trying to put a stop to progress and corporate profits.

Ok so all environmentalists are crazy but the capitalists that will kill anything in the name of profits are all ok?!?!?!

Sometimes I wish I could just shake some sense into people..


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